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Here you can find some useful advice that, hopefully, will help you take better care of your window coverings. Whether you have or want to get roller shades, elaborate faux wood blinds, or motorized drapes, some basic maintenance and pre-purchase tips should prove useful.

Don’t neglect all the components required for window blind automation

The usefulness and appeal of motorized shades are obvious, but what’s less obvious is what goes into creating these automatic window coverings. The most important parts are the motor, naturally, and a power source. This source doesn’t necessarily need to be your electric grid, as you can opt for battery powered blinds, and even solar powered shades, if you’re so inclined. The type of power source you select will determine how much installation work is required, and whether cables and cords need to be drawn or inserted into the walls. After the motorized blind installation is complete, the system needs to integrate with your smart home technology, if you want to be able to use it via Alexa/Google Home/some other virtual assistant.

Sheer shades allow for a wide range of light control options

The unique build of these coverings makes them one of the best options for controlling sunlight. The use of both a fabric sheet and vanes makes versatility one of sheer shades’ strongest suits. You can raise or lower them as you see fit, and change the position of their vanes to tweak the amount of incoming sunlight to create room darkening or even blackout conditions whenever you want.

Make sure to properly clean your Roman shades

If you own a set of Roman shades, or are looking to buy new ones, you should know that they require more frequent cleaning the some of their counterparts. Dusting and vacuuming them on a weekly basis will help you keep them in great condition. Some are even made from washable fabric (one that isn’t embroidered usually) which means you can, theoretically, remove them from their headrail and wash them. Now, whether or not you should do that is up to you, but it’s often better to seek professional shade cleaning services to avoid accidentally damaging the fabric. Some types of polyblend or cotton shades can be machine washed. But that’s not always the case, so you should consult with a professional before attempting anything like this.


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