July 19, 2016

Zebra Blinds & Roman Shades – The Best Prices!

Get important information and practical advice on modern window blinds and shades on our FAQ page. Everything is easy to understand and to apply! Make the most out of this page and come back for more.

Are roller shades safe for children’s rooms?

There are models made in line with the highest safety standards, according to our Glendale Blinds & Shades specialists. They are designed and made to pose no danger to small children whatsoever.

Can I vacuum my Roman shades?

Yes, you can. These shades are made from strong and durable fabric and vacuuming them produces excellent results. Just remember to use the upholstery attachment for the job. For best results, you should vacuum the shades on both sides.

Do I really need patio door blinds?

It all depends on your preferences. They can give you the required level of privacy and the optimal room brightness during the day. If you want to watch a movie in the afternoon, for instance, you will surely benefit from having darkening door and window coverings.

Do blinds offer UV protection?

Yes, blinds do offer UV protection. They not only protect your family’s skin from harmful UV rays but they also prevent the sun’s rays from causing damage to your room’s interior and furniture.

What are zebra blinds?

These window coverings are made of fabric. They have alternating darkening and sheer vanes, which are available in different colors. This gives you maximum flexibility with light control. When they are completely closed, they block all the ambient light.

Which rooms are sheer shades best suited for?

Sheer shades can work great for any room where you want to get both privacy and the largest possible amount of ambient light during the day. They are popular options for the kitchen and living room.

How can I tell the difference between a high quality blind and a lower quality one?

If it’s a blind that comes down from a head rail, you should ensure the head rail is made to as high a quality as possible. Steel head rails will be strong, and are likely to contain robust tilters.

Which blinds tend to come in the widest variety of styling?

Roller blinds are widely available and usually come in a wide range of color and design styles. They are a very simple option, this makes them very easy to offer in all kinds of themes and patterns. They are also very easy to understand and use.